“Located in beautiful Waterloo Ontario, Canada”

About YC Drum Company

YC Drum Company is a full operating drum manufacturer located in Waterloo Ontario, Canada.

Set on a mission to give drummers a new experience – a better experience. We are an “order based” company, which means that everything we do is built according to the client who is ordering the product. We work extremely hard with every client to make sure that you are achieving the sound you’re after and the elegant look that you have pictured in your head.

Only the highest quality components are used in making our drums. They’re built to stand up to even the hardest hitters and stay in tune night after night.


How it all started

In the fall of 2013, Jordan Gauthier started YC Drum Company in his childhood home’s garage in Ottawa Ontario, Canada. Set on a mission to give drummers a new experience between them and the product they play, Jordan wanted to give nothing but the best to the people that deserve it – true musicians aiming to perfect their craft. By offering the highest of quality in his instruments and service, Jordan and his product have become a staple in the Canadian Music Industry.

Jordan moved himself and his company to Waterloo Ontario in the winter of 2016 and now operates out of a more central spot for his clients. Jordan finds himself building drums full time, as well as drum teching in studios across Canada and on the road.

Jordan believes in giving nothing but the highest quality in product and customer service.

Jordan Gauthier
Jordan GauthierOwner/Drum Maker